Nervouz boy

Alejandro AKA Nervouz Boy has been playing music for over 15 years. After gaining a ceratain experience in Italian and Ibizan clubs, he decides to dedicate himself to the production of vinyl records and to the creation of innovative DJ setting projects.

 ANB Indipendent Label

ANB Ind. LABEL was born from the need to create a label that gives to deejays and artists the ability to record on vinyl and to develop music distribution projects.


The first edited project is “My New Life”, a professional rebirth, tracing his life on vynil, to show that any good project can set sail for success.

ANB Indipendent LABEL

ANB Ind. LABEL was born in 2016 by a project by Alessandro Manfrin aka Alejandro Nervouz Boy.

After more than ten years of experience in the Italian clubbing scene and a nice pause for reflection and after participating in the 2011 finals of one of the most popular events at national level such as ElettroWave, the decision to return to music with its own personal label and the  release of his first   album “My New Life”.

ANB Ind. LABEL was born from the longing to create a label that would give to deejays and artists the ability to produce vinyl records and to develop music distribution projects.

Alejandro aka Nervouz Boy

His passion for music is practically inbred. In 2005, he started collaborating with La Barcaccina Fashion Club in Livorno and from 2007 to 2009, he collaborated with Tenax in Florence, often performing in the famous VIP lounge alongside longstanding residents Marco Solforetti, Luciano and Alex Neri. Many his visits to Ibiza to perform with Rene ‘(resident Dj at the Circus Loco) and with guests of the calibre of Carl Cox. In 2011, he is resident at the King Club in Livorno. Still in 2011 together with one of his colleagues – 2 Nervouz Boyz – he takes part in Eltrowave, where, after a tough selection, he wins second place in the finals in Lecce. For a few years now, while refining his technique and studio, he has been determined to abandon entirely CDs converting himself to vinyl. He is currently a collector of vinyl of all genres; he has founded his own label – ANB Independent Label – and produced his first release on vinyl- “My New Life” – limited edition of 300 copies.


T-shirt 100% cotton
Made in Italy


Bag 100% cotton
Vinyl size


MY NEW LIFE: The first edited project by
ANB Ind. Label



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